Real Estate Agent Questions for Sellers – What to Ask to Get the Right Results

Real Estate Agent Questions for Sellers - Questions to ask real estate agents when selling


What questions should you ask real estate agents when selling?

It’s often said that buying a house is one of life’s most stressful experiences – but what happens once that house becomes your home and that home no longer suits? Selling your first property is daunting – as with buying your first home, how do you find out what you don’t know and what are the right questions to ask real estate agents when selling? Unlike purchasing a home (which is about being aware of your own needs and personal preferences), selling a home with ease requires good communication and a reliable relationship with your chosen real estate agent.  

Picking your real estate agent

Real estate agents are required to hold a licence to work in Queensland, which means all agents should have comparable competency – you can see this Queensland government website to check for licence registration.  

The real estate brochures making their way through your letterbox are a good indication of the agents that truly know your neighbourhood, as can visiting open houses or revisiting the agent who sold you your current house. But while holding a qualification might be mandatory and knowing the neighbourhood is important, it is experience, attitude and professionalism that will make one real estate agent stand out from the rest. 

Practical matters

Friends and family can be useful sources of knowledge and are likely to offer opinions and recommendations; however, we advise the following real estate agent questions for sellers.  

Financial elements

Asking how much your house is worth is a starting point, but ‘how did you determine the sale price?’ will give you a clearer indication of the agent’s market understanding and their local knowledge. Ask how many recent sales the agent has made and what their success rate is like for similarly sized homes in similar areas. 

Marketing and planning

Ask how the agent intends to market your house – is there a strategy based on experience and best practice, or does the agent have a haphazard approach? How might this affect your timeframe and does it sit well with what you already know from your research? 


What type of contract does the real estate agent suggest and why? What are the ramifications (both contractual and financial) if the house doesn’t sell within the contracted period and what alternatives are available to you if things go sour? You might also view the Selling a home site to double-check details and ease your mind.  


Last, but certainly not least, how will your agent communicate with you? Receiving a daily text message or weekly email may suit your communication style and needs. But if you agree to an update by phone every few days and this doesn’t happen, it’s guaranteed your house sale process will be tense and uncomfortable.  

The Image Realty team have the right qualifications but – more importantly – also the experience and know-how to make your sale a smooth and seamless process.

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