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If you’re planning on selling your property now, in the future, or you would just like to know what it is worth in the current market, then a sales appraisal is the best way to find out what you could achieve on the market.

A sales appraisal is an unbiased, independent estimate of the value of your property. It’s a great way to determine the current market worth of your property, and other properties in your local area.

Why You Need a Property Appraisal

Sales appraisals provide an estimate of how much your property may sell for in today's market. This will not only give you an idea of the return you’ll get, but also what you can expect to pay for your future home (if buying in the same area and market conditions).

If you’re not sure whether NOW is a good time to sell, a sales appraisal will help give you a better indication of what it may be worth when you do sell, or what you might need to do to get to the price you want when you sell. They’re a necessity for the savvy property owner to help maximise your impact on potential buyers when the time does come to sell.

Your sales appraisal needs to be completed by a licenced or certified professional agent. The end value is based on comparable sales in the neighbourhood and market, as well as the visual and structural aspects of your property. It will be based on the following:

  • The size of the property and block of land it sits on
  • Bedrooms, bathrooms, and car spaces
  • Fittings and fixtures
  • The condition of the property in general
  • Any unique property characteristics
  • Overall locality / neighbourhood
  • Proximity to facilities such as schools, shopping centres, and public transport
  • Boundaries of school zones and catchment areas
  • Recent sales data for comparable homes that have recently sold
  • Current market supply and demand conditions
  • The season in which the property is most likely to sell
  • Economic conditions, including interest rates

Remember that a property appraisal is only an estimate of your home's prospective value. They're not legally binding, nor do they guarantee a specific result, but they can make a huge difference on the final sale price of your property if done with enough time to take on board any suggestions our agent may have to help you achieve a certain price.

Get Ready for Your Property Appraisal!

Before you book an appraisal, or between now and the date of the appointment, you can enhance the condition of your property in a few ways:

  • Gather details about your property and neighbourhood that you feel are unique and may not be obvious, such as a specific property feature or a new local amenity within walking distance.
  • Keep on top of home maintenance and annual treatments/inspections to show you have a well-maintained property.
  • Write down any renovations or makeovers you’ve completed as most property data an agent has access to is from the last time the property sold.
  • Improve the home's overall appearance in preparation for appraisal day: make sure the yard is mowed and gardens cleared, the house is tidy, and any minor cosmetic maintenance or renovation you had planned to do is done.

The better your property looks, the more it will be worth! Our agents are available to provide helpful advice and recommendations on how to present your house in the best possible light when the time comes to sell.

Ready to get started? Make an appointment with one of our agents today to receive a free, no-obligation evaluation of your property.

Get Ready for Your Property Appraisal!

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