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Case Study: Managing Multiple Investment Properties

Case Study: How To Effectively Manage Multiple Properties Image Realty established a case study to answer the question: “How To Effectively Manage Multiple Properties.” Our goal was to highlight the cost savings landlords could make by streamlining their portfolio under a single agency, thereby maximising profit.   How We Manage Multiple Properties Effectively Overview John is…

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10 Tips to Make More Money from your Investment Property

From the Experts: Jace’s Top Ten Tips to Make More Money from your Investment Property Are you ready to find out how to maximise rental returns, increase rent and make more money from your investment property?   I’m Jace, the owner of Image Realty, and over the years, I’ve helped countless clients to do just that.…

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Case Study: How Much is a Reasonable Rent Increase for Gold Coast Properties?

How Much is a Reasonable Rent Increase on the Gold Coast in Queensland?  Image Realty established a case study to answer the question “How Much is a Reasonable Rent Increase on the Gold Coast in a Rapidly Changing Market.”  Our goal was to determine how to protect landlords from the increasing costs of property ownership…

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How To Legally Break Up With Your Real Estate Agent

Wondering if you can cancel a contract with a real estate agent? The expertise of a reputable real estate agent is a must if you want to navigate the intricacies of the property market. But what if you have a dud on your hands? You want an agent that will look after your best interests.…

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Logan Rentals – Why the Right Property Management Company is ESSENTIAL

The Right Property Management Company is Essential for Logan Rentals As the owner of an investment property in Logan, you understand the importance of taking care of your property – from the inside, out. That includes finding quality tenants (and keeping them), ensuring the property is in good condition at all times, and of course,…

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Sell Your Home Better – 5 Ways Our Approach Benefits Sellers

Sell Better – Five Ways Our Approach Benefits Sellers The decision to sell your home is one of the biggest financial transactions you may make in your lifetime.   Unsurprisingly, the process can often feel stressful or overwhelming. That’s why choosing the right real estate agent can make all the difference – financially and emotionally.   At…

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Sellers Paradise: Brisbane Overtakes Melbourne in the Auction Stakes

Its a Sellers’ Paradise in Queensland  2022 is off to a booming start for real estate in Queensland, with the latest figures from CoreLogic showing auction activity is peaking earlier than usual – and Brisbane property is almost at the top of the game. According to the latest data, in the week to January 24…

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Real Estate Agent Questions for Sellers – What to Ask to Get the Right Results

  What questions should you ask real estate agents when selling? It’s often said that buying a house is one of life’s most stressful experiences – but what happens once that house becomes your home and that home no longer suits? Selling your first property is daunting – as with buying your first home, how…

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Changing Real Estate Agents – Information for Sellers

It’s okay to consider changing real estate agents It’s important to find the right selling agent when selling your property. Ideally your agent thoroughly knows your local market, understands what you want to achieve, and is someone you can form a connection with. If your agent is not meeting your expectations, you may be asking,…

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How Do I Sell My House – Privately or Off-Market?

How Do I Sell My House – Privately or Off-Market? With real estate agents charging astronomical fees and the internet making it easier to access resources for private sellers, it can be very tempting to sell your property yourself – after all, you’ll be saving yourself thousands of dollars not mucking around with over-priced agents,…

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