Changing Real Estate Agents – Information for Sellers

Changing Real Estate Agents - Information for Sellers

It’s okay to consider changing real estate agents

It’s important to find the right selling agent when selling your property. Ideally your agent thoroughly knows your local market, understands what you want to achieve, and is someone you can form a connection with. If your agent is not meeting your expectations, you may be asking, “Can I change real estate agents?” The good news is it is possible and relatively easy to do. This article identifies the steps to take when changing real estate agents. 

When changing real estate agents might be the best option

Changing real estate agents is not a decision made lightly. There was a reason you chose to go with your current agent, and it can take several wasted weeks to accept that the relationship isn’t working out. If your current agent;  

  • is difficult to communicate with 
  • is not working proactively to secure a sale 
  • does not have access to the right buyers or marketing, or 
  • behaves unethically 

then it’s time to cut them loose and find someone new. Changing real estate agents can save you time, money, and stress. 

What you need to do

Check your contract

In Queensland, the maximum term of appointment is 90 days. If your term is between 60 and 90 days, the agreement must remain in effect for at least 60 days.  

In terminating your contract, you might be required to pay accrued marketing fees, a termination fee, or even commission if the eventual buyer of your property was originally introduced by the former agent. If you are unsure of any of the terms, seek legal advice 

Making the break

A discussion with your current agent about why you want to end the contract, citing documented instances where they have failed to meet their obligations to you, can be enough to secure a mutual ending of the relationship. Keep all discussions professional and don’t allow emotions to get in the way.  

If your agent has breached the contract in any way, they may agree to end the contract with no conditions to avoid any court proceedings or bad Google reviews. 

Choose a new real estate agent

If you choose a new agent before putting steps in place to end your current contract, your new agent will offer advice, guidance, and support to help you.  

At Image Realty, our agents are experts in the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane and Ipswich property markets. The agency is independent (more flexible to your needs than franchises), with data driven agents who operate strategically and ethically to bring you the best outcome on the sale of your property. Choosing an Image Realty agent means you can be sure your agent is going to fulfil your needs. 

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