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Our team of Ipswich real estate agents is on hand to help you buy, sell or rent in South East Queensland's best-kept secret.

With panoramic views and some very good neighbours, Ipswich is one of those Queensland locations you'll wish you'd invested in before it went... boom.

Our Ipswich team bring all the expertise and local knowledge you need, without the constraints of working with a "one postcode agency".  Find the right property, anywhere in Ipswich or the surrounds - our agents have both listed and off-market properties waiting for your inspection, right now.

Don't wait.  Ipswich has all the hallmarks of a booming area right now.

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Ipswich Real Estate Landscape

Ipswich is in Excellent Company

With the panoramic Great Dividing Range to the west, Gold Coast to the South East and Brisbane's elite Ipswich Corridor to the northeast, it's no wonder Ipswich is growing so quickly.

Formerly the top destination for first home buyers, Ipswich has grown up, without losing any of its charms.  Famous for its quaint streetscapes, magnificent Queenslanders, and bushy backdrop Ipswich has become a red hot choice for Tree Changers, families and savvy investors.  And why not?  You're so close to Queensland's two largest cities, but a million miles away from their hustle and bustle.

Ipswich is just one of those locations ready to boom.  Don't be that person... forever regretting not investing before the boom.

What you need to know

It is our vision at Image Realty to provide the best property management service in the Real Estate Industry by streamlining our processes, whilst not loosing focus on the basics of customer service, like simple communication. Image Realty covers the greater area of South East QLD and focuses predominantly on managing residential investment properties. We cover a wider area then normal branches very efficiently by using cutting edge techniques, modern technology and highly experienced staff. We cater to all investors, ranging from first time investors right through to the large portfolio investor. If you own an investment property or you are considering buying one, book a meeting with us so we can discuss what we can do for you.

How Image Realty Is Unique


We manage your investment property like a business, ensuring that you receive the highest return on investment, whilst also maintaining happy tenants that want to stay in place longer. We continually strive to provide a high calibre
of respect and customer service to both our clients & our tenants.


Whether you live in Brisbane, Dubai, China or Singapore. We work with investors just like you from these places and more to help manage your investments in a way that will allow you to efficiently grow your portfolio.


With 10 years in the Real Estate industry and a degree in Business Management, we have integrated a quality service and business acumen with our tenants and investors that keeps them sticking with Image Realty.

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