Simply Better Property Management

Experienced Property Managers Mean Better Rental Returns

We've earned our reputation as Brisbane and Gold Coast real estate agents who get longer leases and better rental returns.  How?  We understand happy tenants are easy tenants.  We understand that happy tenants pay on time, respect your property and stick around, lease after lease.

Our aim is to minimise your vacancy rate and maximise your rental return. So we've built a team of experienced property managers, carefully trained not only by leaders in the South East Queensland property market but by qualified business professionals.

Because your investment property is your business, and ours.

Why Choose Image Realty to Manage your Rental Property?

It's a landlord's market out there.  There is optimum demand for investment properties on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane right now.  This is the best time in recent history to list a rental and our property managers deliver what other Gold Coast and Brisbane real estate agencies cannot:

  • Specialists in inter-state property management.  We're here, on the ground, protecting your investment on your behalf.
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Careful tenant screening
  • Streamlined rental processes for a faster, easier lease
  • A dedicated, client-first approach
  • In-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and rental returns
  • Hands-on advice and support for out of state landlords
  • Personalised service to suit your individual goals and challenges
  • Honest advice, and data-driven real estate expertise
  • Tailored marketing strategies to achieve excellent outcomes
  • Responsive and pragmatic approach to tenant management
  • Property managers who act as your negotiator, minimising inconvenience to you and keeping tenants happy.

We make managing your investment property simple. So you can get on with building your portfolio. 


List Your Rental Property

Your rental property investment is part of your strategy for lifetime wealth – so who’s protecting your investment?

Our team of experienced property managers specialise in achieving greater returns for our clients by finding great tenants – and retaining them. We’ve built our name on integrity and service excellence for clients and tenants alike. It’s this finely tuned balance that creates happy tenants who want to stay in the property for longer, thereby reducing vacancy time for clients.

Why list your property with Image Realty?

  • Stunning real estate photography that captures your property in its best light
  • Engaging copy that attracts the perfect tenants
  • Tenant screening, selection and full management
  • Seamless onboarding transition for clients
  • A trusted relationship with one of our senior property management staff
  • Customer service excellence for happy tenants and happy clients
  • Pro-active lease management for a lower vacancy rate
  • Here to help managing property maintenance and repairs.
  • Specialists in property management for out of state landlords

Want peace of mind as a landlord? We offer a complimentary Rental Return Guarantee!

There’s no catch! Rent your property through our management team and, if you want one, we will give you a complimentary Rental Return Guarantee for that added peace of mind!

What is a rental return guarantee? It’s simple.  A Rental Return Guarantee is designed to ensure that you receive a minimum Guaranteed Rental Return over a specific period of time that you can bank on.

Our rental return guarantee is based on an appraisal done by one of our very experienced Client Services Managers, where we guarantee you the lower end of the rental appraisal range for 48 weeks in each year, as we allow for 4 weeks of vacancy each year. You receive what the property actually rents for and if, at the end of the Guarantee period, the total gross rental income that your property has actually received is below the guaranteed amount, then we pay you the difference. 3 years is the most common term, but if 3 years is not for you, ask us about a custom Rental Return Guarantee as we can offer them between 1 and 10 years.

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