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How Do I Sell My House – Privately or Off-Market?

How Do I Sell My House - Privately or Off-Market? With real estate agents charging astronomical fees and the internet making it easier to access resources for private sellers, it can be very tempting to sell your property yourself – after all, you’ll be saving yourself thousands of dollars not...
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Northern Gold Coast Houses are in High Demand – and the Locals Know Why!

Locals Know to Watch for Northern Gold Coast Houses for Sale When we think of living out the dream of owning property on the Gold Coast, our minds instantly turn to the infamous stretch of sandy beaches. Sun, surf and the ever so relaxing lifestyle make Surfers Paradise one of...
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What are the Best Property Investments on the Gold Coast?

Looking for the Best Property Investment? Gold Coast Agents Tell Looking to own property along Australia’s most iconic stretch of beach? You are not alone! Demand for housing on the Gold Coast is skyrocketing despite recent border closures and a reduction in international visitors. One of the best ways to capitalise on what is shaping...
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Should You Buy A New Vs Old Investment Property?

New Vs Old Investment Property - Research Which One You Should Buy For many Australians, buying an investment property is one of the most important financial decisions they’ll ever make. To make sure their choice is the right one, homebuyers need access to meaningful information about properties, suburbs and prices. Investment property research...
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Sell Now or Wait? Olympics Impact on Brisbane Property Prices

Sell Now or Wait? The Likely Olympics Impact on Brisbane Property Prices With property prices already running hot in Australia over the last two years, you may be wondering about the likely Brisbane 2032 Olympics impact on property prices.   If you are hoping to earn the best return from your Brisbane property,...
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Will COVID Trigger a Property Market Crash in Queensland?

Demand is High Now But Will COVID Trigger a Property Market Crash in Queensland? If you are a property owner in Australia, you’ve probably been watching for a property market crash since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived on our shores.   Fortunately, the lowering of mortgage interest rates has significantly limited the...
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Ipswich Property Market Snapshot – QLD Real Estate

Ipswich Property Market Snapshot - Opportunities Abound The Ipswich property market presents a set of unique opportunities for buyers and investors who are ready to make a real change in terms of the growth of their property portfolios or to foster a lifestyle change that is reflective of potential future...
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Gold Coast is a Seller’s Market: How to Capitalise on That

Take the Opportunity to Capitalise on the Gold Coast Seller's Market The Gold Coast property market is booming, with sellers benefitting from rising sale prices. Buyer demand is reaching new highs, with CoreLogic data revealing a 22 percent increase in home values between July 2020 and 2021. Now more than...
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How to Sell Your Home Off-Market (and How NOT To)

Selling Your Home Off-Market - The Opportunities and The Challenges Off-market property sales offer unique benefits for sellers, making for a quick, streamlined sales process. But selling off-market also comes with a unique set of challenges. It’s important that you know how to sell property off-market cleverly and effectively so...
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