Gold Coast is a Seller’s Market: How to Capitalise on That

Gold Coast Sellers Market

Take the Opportunity to Capitalise on the Gold Coast Seller’s Market

The Gold Coast property market is booming, with sellers benefitting from rising sale prices. Buyer demand is reaching new highs, with CoreLogic data revealing a 22 percent increase in home values between July 2020 and 2021.

Now more than ever, Gold Coast real estate is a seller’s market. So how can you capitalise on opportunities to maximise return?

Setting a sale price

It’s important to make the most of favourable market conditions in order to achieve a high-value return on your property. When selling your property, aim to think strategically about your goals.

Pricing your property too low could lead to a lower return. However, overpricing your property may reduce interest or even contradict a value appraisal, reducing the likelihood that your buyer will be approved for loans needed to close the deal.

The best path is to formulate a fair value that capitalises on optimal conditions without pricing your property out of the market. To determine a good listing price, work with your real estate agent to conduct a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), comparing your home to others like it.

If you have the chance to take your property to a bidding war, capitalise on the competition to drive prices up. Remember to consider the differences between cash offers and down payments when identifying your best offer.

Prepping your property for maximised return

In a seller’s market, you can cut your pre-sale prep budget without worrying that you’ll miss out on a sale. While it’s still important that your home is visually appealing to buyers, low-cost preparation is often enough.

Instead of allocating money to major renovations like kitchen remodels and expensive repairs, focus on quicker, easier ways to help your property look its best.

A seller’s market means that properties are in high demand. Add a fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint and tidy your space so that it looks neat and inviting. This may be all that’s needed to help buyers envision a new life in your property.

Marketing your property for success

How you market your property can significantly impact sales opportunities, even becoming the deciding factor in determining your final return value. To ensure that you’re getting what your property is worth, you need to have a strong marketing plan in place.

Marketing strategies might include online listings with popular real estate sites or advertisements in papers, classifieds, and online marketplaces relevant to your locality.

Make sure that you’re giving your property every chance to shine by pursuing professional-quality photography, copywriting, and social media advertising to accompany your listing and marketing campaigns.

Finding a good real estate agent in a seller’s market

Is Gold Coast a seller’s market? Yes! How can you make the most of it? With the help of a skilled real estate agent!

A good real estate agent can help you find the right opportunities and respond to them well, ultimately increasing your chances of achieving a high sale value. Image Realty is home to a team of talented real estate professionals.


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