How to prepare a house to sell – and BIG mistakes to avoid!

How to Prepare Your House to Sell – And Mistakes to Avoid!

The commute from home to work is too taxing. Or maybe the kids need more space to run around. For whatever reason, it’s time to move and now you’re wondering how to prepare a house to sell. While you have practical considerations like cleaning crayon off the walls, you’ll also need to consider the local price market and what that means for your home’s valuation. You’ve probably been given advice from friends and family who’ve bought and sold in the past, but how do you know whose advice to listen to?  

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Avoid a headache while preparing for sale

It’s well known that moving house can be one of life’s most stressful experiences, so here is some advice from the professionals about first steps to selling a house. These guidelines can help you avoid major headaches while preparing to sell. 

Don’t overcapitalise

Though you may be tempted to renovate the kitchen or bathroom, advice from the experts tends towards updating small items: tapware, cupboard doors and cabinet handles that hark to the 70s are easy to replace and will give a fresh look without spending thousands. Keep the styling simple to allow prospective buyers to imagine their own personal preferences for colour or design in the space. This will reduce the potential for overcapitalising by keeping your costs to a minimum. 

Presentation matters

Reduce clutter, remove personal mementos and reveal a clean and tidy home for viewing. Not only will your agent be able to value your property with more accuracy, but potential buyers will also be able to better visualise their furniture in the master bedroom or living room. 

Safety is key

While prospective buyers want a home that looks great and suits their needs, there are legal obligations that sellers need to adhere to as well. Don’t forget to check the Queensland Government’s advice regarding safety switches and smoke alarms to ensure you fulfil your legal requirements! 

Looking ahead and expert advice

Sellers in Brisbane and the surrounding Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast regions might already be contemplating what increase to property values the 2032 Olympics will bring. You might anticipate higher bank and real estate valuations based on improved infrastructure, transportation and public amenities but, in reality, there is no simple formula for calculating property values. Your best bet is to speak to a reliable real estate agent to get the facts as they relate to you and your property. 

These first steps to selling a house are a great foundation to avoid costly property mistakes but there is no substitute for personalised advice. Get in touch with Image Realty today if you need further expert information on how to prepare your house to sell. 


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